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info@zippormedia.com +972-(0)3-5103560 Linkedin
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We are a technology company specializing in the programmatic planning and execution of digital campaigns.

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About us

Zippor is a Technology company specializing in the
programmatic execution of Digital Campaigns. We combine innovative technology together with our highly creative and skilled team to meet any KPI requirements in a fashionable way.

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Founded in 2015 by a small group of believers with a new approach to Digital, Zippor is bringing new innovative solutions
to our complex industry.

Our management

Some of our partners

Our solutions

We have created several innovative solutions to provide our partners with the most advanced service. The combination of our highly skilled team together with sophisticated technology is our key to success.


Advertisers (Agencies and Brands)





Advertisers (Agencies and Brands)

Zippor has developed a unique technology allowing programmatic campaign execution using deep-learning convolutional neural networks. Apart from 3rd party data, we are collecting, building and maintaining unique first part data for our Advertisers allowing them to increase the ROI of their campaigns. We replaced the manual process of media buying with an automated process, based on our data pipeline, allowing us to take critical decisions in real time. Your campaigns will be monitored, adjusted and shaped 24/7, allowing us to concentrate on the big picture strategy.


Zippor's technology allowing Publishers to enhance their monetization abilities. Our endless data streams allows us to find & target the right users, showing them to most relevant ads at the most accurate time. We are taking into consideration more than 50 different variables, accumulated together with external data. Along with increase in monetization, we understand that the user is the king, that's why user experience is our top priority. Combining great user experience and enhanced monetization abilities - Zippor is providing unique solutions to its publishers.


One of Zippor's specialties is Video Ads. We are connected to more than 500 Publishers and using our technology we increase monetization on the Publisher's side while improving user engagement for Advertisers. Video as an ad format is being used for Brand Awareness campaigns, usually without any performance metrics being followed – we understand what Advertisers are looking for – Zippor is the only Technology Vendor providing sales/KPIs oriented campaign execution for Advertisers.

On the Publisher's side, Video has always been a complicated area. Current protocols make inefficiency when calling demand sources, which creates latency on the Publisher's web page. We care about user experience and this is why we have developed unique tools to overcome this challenge and protect your users.

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Tel-Aviv, 18/01/2018,

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Job openings

Zippor is a technology company specializing in the programmatic execution of digital campaigns.

We combine innovative technology together with our highly creative and skilled team to meet any KPI requirements in a fashionable way.

Zippor created a unique approach to Digital Campaigns, we provide cross platform, cross device and generic integration solutions to execute any Ad format at a very specific tailored solution – exactly to your needs.

Zippor was founded in 2015 by a small group of believers with a new approach to Digital, bringing new innovative solutions to our complex industry. For us, it's all about the people - our biggest strength is our creative and talented team that can achieve any goal.

Our management

Lior Siva

CEO & Co-Founder

Lior Siva is the CEO and Co-Founder of Zippor, leading the agency’s Business Development and Strategy. Lior worked as the VP of Mobile at Xertive Global Media, launching the mobile department (2013-2015). Previously, Lior worked as a Senior Account Manager at Matomy, engaging Ad Operation and Marketing, as well as establishing the Mobile department (2010-2013). Lior holds a (B.A) in Business Administration, specializing in Finance, from the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel.

Moshe Cohen

COO & Co-Founder

Moshe Cohen is the COO and Co-Founder of Zippor, manages Zippor’s operational management, as well as technological solutions for digital marketing. Moshe worked as the Director of Business Development at Xertive Global Media, supervising the mobile demand department (2014-2015). Previously, Moshe was based in Latin America managing complex defense projects, overseeing a 30 Million USD budget (2013-2014). Moshe holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel Aviv.

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takes to become part of the team at Zippor?

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to you as soon as possible.

  • Content writers

    Zippor Media, a well-based startup company in the hottest field of advertising is looking for cool, talented and ambitious content writers to create weekly viral articles. As part of the on-going job the content writer will create several weekly articles based on stories found around the web. If you know where to find the next hottest story, you belong with us. *No prior experience needed!*


    • Native English speaker and writer, with experience in writing - a must.
    • Ambitious, responsible and fully dedicated.
    • Passionate about writing, on a variety of subjects.
  • Senior engineer

    We are looking for a top-notch senior engineer to join our team. You will have an opportunity to directly impact our growing startup.

    You will have end-to-end responsibilities:

    • Design, implement, test and monitor crucial components of the infrastructure.
    • Develop client side web components and bleeding-edge stable, scalable, backend.
    • Design and implement real-world, real-time, algorithms.
    • Take part in the product roadmap with a high impact on the company.


    • Large scale data analysis and research
    • Consolidating multiple data sources to make analytics based business decisions
    • 5+ years’ experience in software development
    • 5+ years technology leadership experience utilizing industry-leading open source stacks
    • Product processes expertise: Agile, Cloud CI/CD, testing & testing automation
    • Experience developing mission critical products
    • Experience in developing in a cloud platform (AWS)
    • Experience with Big-data & analytics infrastructure


    • Knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and data science algorithms, paradigms and methodologies
    • Technology Stack
    • Javascript / ECMAScript 6 / TypeScript
    • Node.js
    • Angular
    • AWS EC2/S3/BeanStalk/RDS
    • MongoDB
    • Redis
    • DynamoDB
    • ELK (ElasticSearch/Kibana)
    • Slack
    • GitHub
  • Account manager

    Zippor is a well-based startup company in the hottest field of Digital Video Advertising. We are looking for cool, talented and ambitious account managers to expand our pioneering & innovative ways to distribute, monetize and market content.

    As part of the ongoing job the Account Manager will plan, manage, and optimize the activity. no prior experience needed, if you think you have the following, we will teach you the rest.


    • Self motivated and highly organized.
    • Ambitious, responsible and fully dedicated.
    • Strong and proven analytical skills - a must
    • Tech savvy - ability to work with technological platforms.
    • Highly independent: should be able to prioritize tasks, work on multiple platforms and optimize according to results
    • Fluent and professional English, both written and spoken - a must.
    • Bachelors degree - an advantage.